About Mawphlang

The small kingdom of Mawphlang is noted in British Colonial records as early as the 1820s. There are 18 villages that comprise Mawphlang Lyngdohship and these villages are linked through their clan ties within the Khasi cultural community and share a common history in the area that probably dates back at least to the 15th century.

Mawphlang has the famous Law Kyntang (Sacred Grove) which has been protected since the settlement of the area hundreds of year ago. It is also a sacred cultural location with large stone monoliths around which rituals are performed. Strict community rules ensure that no human interference is allowed within the Sacred Grove, banning any cutting, collection, fire or settlement.

The Sacred Groves are the most celebrated forest-groves of Meghalaya, with red and white rhododendrons, wild pear trees, held sacred and preserved over the ages, considered an offence to cut timber from within the grove, and offers a deep insight into Khasi history and religious beliefs. The Sacred Gove attracts botanists and naturalists from all over the world. It may be mentioned that the Law Kyntang or Sacred groves demonstrated successfully the balance that can be achieved between human developmental needs and the survival of the eco-system.

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